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  We take great pride in what we do, and nothing feels more rewarding than making our customers happy! All comments below were submitted by customers currently hosting with us, and we would like to thank them for taking their valuable time to send us feedback. Thank you for putting your trust in us!
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Total number of testimonials: 462
Testimonial #1
I've used your services on and off since probably around 2004/2005ish. I switched once, because I was given a great promotional offer; leaving was a mistake! I'd rather have EXCELLENT service, and a steady price that I know won't change, and I don't think has for the last 17 years...WOW!

And I haven't even mentioned their support yet! Their support is nothing short of incredible! I'm usually given an answer within hours, IF NOT minutes. In the last 17 years, there's only been maybe once or twice when it took a few days to get an answer. And the one time I know, was after a major upgrade, and I wasn't familiar with some of the changes - so Paul took the time to explain some questions I had, in much greater detail than he probably had to.

Thank you, WEBMASTERS!
Troy Buffum
Grinnell, IA
Testimonial #2
Everybody in that team are patient, helpful, kind and indulgent even if your request takes them more than a year. Thank you.
Bilal Ekmekci
Gaziantep, Turkey
Testimonial #3
The migration to the new server took more time than planned because of various config and permission issues which are associated with a more tightly managed Wordpress server (I think). But Paul Schultz from Support was excellent. Diligent and persevered until it all worked.
Mike Vessey
broadstone, United Kingdom
Testimonial #4
I have been hosting my company geoloil.com for more than 15 years now with you.I am extremely pleased with Webmasters.com services. In all those years I have never had a safety breach. And believe me, many hackers have tried so.Their support experts are really diligent, knowledgeable, and fast. Thanks,

Oscar Gonzalez, P. Geoph.
President, GeolOil LLC
Oscar Gonzalez
Calgary, Canada
Testimonial #5
I just transferred my domain to Webmasters, and your friendly support staff went above and beyond to make the transition easier. Their help was amazing.
Not only did they assist with the transfer, they set up the SSL certificate for me without even being asked!
I highly recommend Webmasters. Thanks for all your assistance.
Jen Culham
Texas City, tx
Testimonial #6
Webmasters continues to impress with their value, and level of customer service (Thanks to Paul, especially for going above and beyond). I've hosted my sites here since 2003, and have just completed a very smooth migration to a new PHP7 server, and couldn't be happier. Onward and upward!
John Wohland
Ottawa, Canada
Testimonial #7
As we are trying to develop a new website and bring our current site up to the new technology age, it has been challenging to say the least. We are grateful for the support staff at webmasters. Every request for help is answered promptly and the knowledge shared is invaluable. Thank you! We are close to bringing our new site on line and we know webmasters will be pleased also for hosting purposes!
Rhonda t
Prince Frederick, MD
Testimonial #8
Paul Schultz is one of the best hosting techs I have worked with.
Karin Ellison
Newport, OR
Testimonial #9
The response to emails has been excellent, with clear instructions. Particularly pleased with their patience as this is a volunteer role for me so my responses were often delayed, occurring when I had the spare time.
Bertha Adamson
Lakewood, CO
Testimonial #10
Webmasters is an excellent web hosting platform. Their team of workers are phenomenal! They have helped this 79 year old navigate through some rough waters and did it with patience! I highly recommend them.
Roffie Ensey
Roffie Ensey
Willis, TX
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