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Despite our low prices, we have proven time and time again that our hosting platform can meet the needs of any size and type of client. - Mexico's largest web portal with over 5,000,000 hits per day
Harry S. Truman College - City college in Chicago with over 30,000 students
Warrior Lacrosse - World's largest manufacturer of Lacrosse gear - Publicly traded online mortgage company
Great Lakes Credit Union - One of Ohio's oldest credit unions
Illinois 2nd Judicial Circuit - Illinois state circuit court system
Pulaski Country Sheriff's Office - Pulaski County Sherriff's official website
Columbia County - Columbia County municipal website
Asheville United Way - Regional United Way organization
Ramada Plaza Beach Resort - Popular hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL - The official website of Macho Man Randy Savage
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Thank you for your kind and useful response. While I generally "make my own lightsaber", it is nice to know there's a human being back there in case I need a little hard-to-explain help.
Tom Roden
Irvine, CA
I wanted to take some time to say a few words about the Technicians at Webmasters because they've always come through for me (extra thanks to Paul for keeping tabs on my server migration among with any other little issues I've had). The staff is always helpful, alway picking up where my expertise leaves off, and having a solution. I really appreciate the help, as always!
John R Wohland
Ottawa, Canada
Tammy in billing was a great help with problems I had renewing my account. A five star rating!
Kevin Docherty
North York, Canada
Good job. Problem solved with 5 min. response time. Very impressed.
David Schilling
Miami, FL
I really like how your service is very reliable. I've only experienced one outage and that was just for a few hours in 1 year. Excellent work. I am very happy with the service.
Joey Kulakowski
Marietta, GA
Greetings! I want to thank you for your promp response to my billing question. I have passed the information you sent to the Accounts Payable department and they are happy! (It's always good to have happy A/P people!) Thanx!
Lowell Harris
Charlotte, NC
My call was returned promptly and the representative solved the problem and helped me with procedures to prevent future issues. Thanks!
Jan Ellen Atkielski
Ft. Meyers, FL
I really apreciate your service, it is quick, user frendly and a very good tech support.
Mathieu Gendreau
Kelowna, Canada
Hi, webmaster:

I have a question, Why my asp pages can not Run right now? Previously available.

Ruo Li
Ruo Li
Arcadia, CA
Once we jumped through the initial hoops of getting an account set up (admittedly, kind of a pain having to fax the credit card info in), we are good to go now. Chris Saladino in technical support is a great help, better hang on to that guy.
Neal M
South Beach, OR
Your service is more than excellent. I tell everybody. Well, the only two friends I have. =:^)

Seriously, everytime I have a question, you have an answer, quick!

Thank You, again.
Colin Clarke
Mount Pleasant, SC
I can't sing Paul Schultz's praises loudly enough. We have migrated to the new php7 server. Our migration was complicated by the number of sites we have and by the configuration of our directories and files.

I am a full-time volunteer for our non-profit organization, providing state-wide IT support. Because of the demands that would be placed on a volunteer, my IT friends had all advised me to avoid taking on the migration. They have also predicted it would fail. However, because of Paul, I am thrilled to say that my friends were 100% wrong!

Consistently, Paul was knowledgeable, kind, patient, responsive, encouraging, and willing to teach me about server-side software as we went along. With Paul's support, the migration was completed with only a few minor issues - all of which were easily resolved.

In the current world of IT support, it is unusual for a company to provide the opportunity for a support analyst to truly own the client's support request from beginning to end. Most often, you are handed off to whoever is next up. Paul was there with us every step of the way.

Paul is a support ROCKSTAR and I can't say enough about how wonderful he has been to work with. What I can say is that webmasters is extremely fortunate to have someone of Paul's caliber on board.

Many thanks to Paul for everything he has done to help us through the migration.

Elizabeth D hill
Franklin, TN
I am really amazing by the quick responce from the support team whenever needed. They are really great and they deserve to be recognized. I can only say: Thank you to webmasters for all the excellent services that it is offering and a BIG THANK YOU goes to everyone in the support team who work side by side with us to make sure we are all able to perform with minimum problems. May I say a special THANK YOU to Curran who handled most of our cases in the most professional manner.
Jack Farraj
Amman, Jordan
I have used since about 2002, and have only required help a few times. My last question was about finding my files which had been uploaded with FTP. Ryan gave a quick and easily understood response. Maybe I should blame myself for not properly using search. Surely the info is somewhere on your site.

Best regards, Ben
Ben Nottingham
Kingsport, TN
Cherie was such a great help to me with a pretty complicated problem (selling one domain, getting a new one registered and transferred to old account, setting up temporary email addresses, setting up the new, etc.). She spoke with me on the the phone on two separate occasions, helping me through every procedure, one at a time. She was friendly and helpful, and made sure I was ready for each step. I wouldn't have been able to figure out everything on my own - so THANK YOU CHERIE!!!
Cinda Lester
Downers Grove, IL
Thanks for the support team to help to solve my problems, and special thanks to Mr. Thomas for his patience in answering my questions.
Howard Lai
Hong Kong
Thank you so much in sorting out the problem in no time !!!

Thank you so much for your usual professional service.

Have a great day

Jack Farraj
Amman, Jordan
I can not express enough how fantastic Mr. C. Thomas has been. He has gone above and beyond to ensure that our migration to a shared server was successful.
Ticket numbers S-060628202A and S-060627259T 6/29/06 with our migration there where a number of advanced challenges and great effort was made to insure our migration was successful. I have been using for many years and have seen it grow at a pace that puts on the cutting edge at every turn. Agents like Mr. Thomas that go the extra mile build customer faith and loyalty.

Fair pricing and awesome features provided by stands out however, the support services provided by continue to be the main element that keeps at the very top of my list. As a Developer I have exposure to many hosts and in 11 years I have yet to receive the attention that provides.
Robert Fong
Rowlett, TX
I would like to thank Mr. John DeSantis from the Support department at Webmaster for your kind help and support to solve my problem.
I am 12 hours far by plan from you but you realy make no destance between my country Jordan and yours USA . Thank you for being so pationt to help me in solving my problem with the https.
I always recomend your webmaster and will always do that.
Thank you so much.
Charl Twal
Owner of Mariam Hotel
Charl Al Twal
Madaba, Jordan
you always respond promptly when i have a problem, and are patient with my dumb questions...thank you
gaylon kent
Las Vegas, NV
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