Web Hosting Features
Account Features
Disk Space: Each account includes unlimited disk space. Once disk space used reaches 2GB, additional space is available free by request in 2GB increments.
Data Transfer: Each account includes unlimited data transfer.
Unlimited Hits: We do not track or restrict the number of visitors accessing your website or the number of pages that are viewed.
Addon Domains: Every Business Hosting plan allows you to host an unlimited number of Addon domains in addition to the primary domain. An Addon domain can be a fully hosted website with a separate file structure visible by search engines, it can be redirected to any subdirectory, page or external URL, or mirror the content of the main site. Each Addon domain includes real time traffic statistics, and up to 100 full featured POP3 mailboxes with forwarding, mail groups, autoresponders, webmail, and individual spam filtering.
Nightly Data Backup: All data on our servers is backed up automatically each night. Backups can be viewed and restored through our Backup Manager, accessible through the control panel.
Unrestricted Content: We are strongly against censorship, so as long as your content is legal, it can be hosted with us. As a web host, we feel it is our duty to protect the freedom of speech and expression on the Internet. If we receive a complaint about the content of a customer's website, that content must be proven to be illegal in the United States by the complainant in order for us to take any adverse action. We thoroughly investigate each abuse issue to ensure that our customers' interests are protected. Click here for our complete Terms Of Service.
Super Fast Connection: Our servers are connected to the Internet via multiple Redundant OC-48 Connections which are 48 times faster than a standard T3 connection (used by most hosting companies). Click here for a virtual tour of our world class data centers on two coasts.
Advanced Monitoring: All shared servers are monitored by our staff 24/7/365 to reduce the possibility of prolonged downtime. We make automatic remote connections to all services (Apache, QMail, DNS, MySQL, FTP, and ASP) every 5 minutes to make sure they are running and responding correctly.

We are often asked by our customers how we can keep most servers running 120 days or longer without a single reboot. The secret is our proprietary ProcessWatch™ server side management utility which works inside the server to identify and remove zombie processes which utilize a high percentage of the CPU or memory resources, and have been running for over a certain amount of time. Most users do not know that a single line of bad code in almost any programming language can bring down an entire server, so making sure such scripts are disabled prior to causing any harm is a key factor in maintaining uptime and fast page loading. This advanced technology handles potential problems before they take the server down, avoiding multiple reboots and downtime. In addition to automatically disabling runaway processes, our staff is automatically notified each time a resource violation occurs along with the exact details of the scripts or commands used to cause the potential crash. This allows us to effectively micro manage a virtually unlimited number of servers with the same effectiveness.

Uptime Guarantee: Our network uptime is usually 99.9% - 100%. If it ever falls below 99.5% for any given month, you can request a free month of hosting upon your next renewal date. Click here for our real time network uptime report.
24/7/365 Support: We offer unlimited, free, online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
Instant Activation: Most new hosting accounts are activated within 1 minute on any day or night, 24/7/365. You can begin uploading, set up email, and access your website immediately.
30 Day Guarantee: All our hosting plans and options come with an unconditional 30 day 100% money back guarantee. You can cancel for any reason whatsoever.
Domain Features
Domain Registration: For Webmasters.com hosting customers, registration and annual renewal fee for one .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .us.vu, .uk.vu, .us.fm, .uk.fm, .web.st, or .tv.st domain per account shall be refunded when a hosting account for that domain is first opened, and is subsequently renewed each year. If a domain is transferred after a hosting account is opened, the refund shall only be applied upon renewal of the hosting account.
Global Compatibility: We host all top level domain names including .com, .net, .org, .tv, .us, .info, .biz, .co.uk, .ca, .com.au, .de, .fr, .il, .it, etc.. Each account includes a fully delegated primary and secondary DNS server. Our DNS setup is accepted by domain registries such as .au and .ru who check DNS configurations prior to processing any changes, so DNS transfers are accepted on the first try. There is no charge to transfer your existing domain from another host.
Unlimited Subdomains: There is no limit on the number of subdomains (sub.domain.com) that can be set up. Subdomains can be created and managed with our web based Subdomain Manager which also enables each Subdomain to be forwarded to any external URL, IP Address, or local webpage. Each subdomain also includes real time traffic statistics.
DNS Management: Our online control panel enables real time management of all DNS records such as NS, A, CNAME, and MX. This utility provides root access to the actual DNS zone file for easy editing.
Wildcard DNS: Our DNS Manager supports Wildcard DNS entries for instantly enabling all inactive subdomains.
SPF Record: SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is the new protocol for identifying forged email senders. Each domain hosted on our DNS platform includes a default SPF record in its DNS zone file to ensure mail delivery to SPF enabled mail servers.
Private Label DNS: Our system allows you to use your own domain as a DNS server (i.e. ns1.yourname.com and ns2.yourname.com) for other domains you own as well as your primary domain itself.
Email Features
POP3 Mailboxes: Each account includes unlimited POP3 mailboxes. For example, info@yourname.com,  john@yourname.com, sales@yourname.com, etc.. Each mailbox can have its own password for retrieving messages. POP3 mailboxes on our servers can be set up to receive mail and forward it at the same time. All email administration is done through our online control panel.
Mail Forwarding: The mail forwarding feature allows you to forward all incoming messages to a specially configured mailbox (alias) to another email address within or outside of your domain. For example, suppose you are the only person receiving mail for your website, but you would like 5 separate email addresses (info@domain.com, sales@domain.com, joe@domain.com, etc.), you can set up one mailbox called "info" and set up the other aliases to be forwarded to that mailbox automatically. This way you would only need to check the main "info" mailbox for messages.

There is no limit on the number of Mail Forwarding Aliases.

Mail Groups: Mail groups are designed to receive email at one central mailbox and then have it forwarded to a designated group of internal or external mailboxes.

There is no limit on the number of Mail Groups.

Autoresponders: Autoresponders automatically send a selected reply upon receipt of each incoming message. Any mailbox including catch-all and forwarded can have an autoresponder enabled. The Autoresponder Manager allows creation and management of multiple autoresponders.

There is no limit on the number of Autoresponders.

Email SSL Encryption: Our mail servers support secure SSL encryption for both POP and SMTP connections, enabling sending and receiving email via secure SSL. This feature ensures HIPAA compliance for secure email.
Catch All Mailbox: A Catch All Mailbox is a default mailbox that receives messages addressed to any non-existent mailbox and forwards them to a designated address. For example, if a message is sent to inf@yourname.com instead of info@yourname.com, you would still receive that message.
Mail Bouncer: By default mail to all non-existent recipients is rejected by the server. We have developed an extremely efficient method of rejecting such mail, as our server first checks for the existence of a recipient's mailbox when the sending mail server first attempts to make an SMTP connection. If both the specified and catch-all mailboxes do not exist at the recipient's domain, our server rejects the incoming connection with an error message that says, "User does not exist". This causes the sending mail server to terminate its connection, and send a failure notice to the sender containing our server's error message. This system not only reduces Spam, as it lets Spammers know that we do not accept connections with random addresses, but also greatly increases server performance, as our server processes and sends out less mail.
IMAP / IMAP SSL: IMAP is a method of accessing email messages on a server without having to download them to your local hard drive. The advantage of using an IMAP mail server is that users can check their mail from multiple computers and always see the same messages. This is because the messages stay on the server until the user chooses to download them to his or her local drive. Most webmail systems are IMAP based, which allows people to access to both their sent and received messages no matter what computer they use to check their mail. For added security, our IMAP server supports SSL connections.
Spam Filter: Our proprietary Spam Filter provides control over email delivery at the server level by automatically deleting unwanted email messages containing Spam and virus attachments. The advantage of a server side Spam Filter is that unwanted mail is deleted directly on the server without ever having to be downloaded. There are 7 parameters for filtering Spam: From Address, To Address, To Host, Cc Address, Headers, Message Subject, and Message Body, plus a Virus Attachment filter. Each filter can have its own set of rules for deleting messages containing a certain combination of characters.

The "White List" feature provides the ability to have a list of names, addresses, domain names, or any alphanumeric string of characters which forces the  delivery of messages containing any entry on that list in various pre-defined places, thus bypassing the Spam Filter entirely. The "Notify Sender Of Non Delivery" option automatically notifies senders of messages rejected for Spam that their message was not delivered, along with the reason why, and a secure link for using a trusted, web based email client to re-send it without filtering. This ensures that no message gets deleted without notice, and since Spammers mostly use forged return addresses which cannot receive replies, legitimate senders will get the ability to have their messages delivered regardless of content. For added reliability, each account can also create a "Spam" mailbox which will store all messages rejected by the Spam Filter for 72 hours.

Click here for a live demo.

Anti Virus Protection: In addition to basic Anti Virus checking which is part of our Spam Filter, we use a powerful anti virus email scanning software across our entire network of mail servers to block incoming or outgoing messages which contain a known virus. This solution reduces mail server processing load by over 25%, and decreases the chances of receiving or sending an email virus.
Outgoing Mail Server: All accounts include an unrestricted, password protected SMTP mail server to send outgoing mail to and from any domain or email address.
Webmail: Our full featured webmail client is designed for high volume users. It's proprietary mail processing engine is optimized for speed and efficiency, with the ability to access and display thousands of messages in seconds.

The following are most of the popular features included in the latest release:

  • Support for over 25,000 messages in each folder with loading and search speeds of 5 seconds or less.
  • Ability to access or download email from multiple POP accounts.
  • Automatic email retrieval capability at designated time intervals.
  • Messages can be accessed and managed directly on a POP mail server without downloading.
  • Ability to use external SMTP mail servers for sending email.
  • Sending and receiving messages securely with SSL encryption.
  • Ability to use any From and Reply-To address.
  • Multiple message folders with an unlimited nested directory tree (subfolders inside folders).
  • Sent and deleted folder for automatic storage.
  • Flagged folder with direct access to all flagged messages.
  • Templates and Drafts folder for frequently used message templates and saved drafts.
  • Spam folder for direct access to the spam mailbox.
  • Ability to store sent-to addresses in the Address Book and/or White List.
  • Support for delete key and up and down arrows for scrolling through messages.
  • Ability to display messages in a resizable bottom or side frame, or in a whole window.
  • Ability to open messages automatically when scrolling through the message list.
  • Messages can be moved or copied between local folders or to and from the POP server.
  • Message filters for sorting incoming mail, automatically opening all folders with new messages.
  • Ability to mark messages as read, unread, or flagged.
  • Time stamping of answered and forwarded messages.
  • Ability to selectively display answered, unanswered, forwarded, priority, and flagged messages.
  • Advanced search capability, including search by date, words in addresses, subject, body, attachments, etc.
  • Real time message download indicator, displaying the progress of each message being downloaded.
  • Separate logins for every POP3 account holder.
  • Expanded capability for handling multiple large file attachments.
  • Ability to selectively forward multiple attachments without opening or downloading them.
  • Ability to forward multiple messages as attachments.
  • Sorting of messages by From address, Subject, Date, as well as attachment, priority or flagged status.
  • Sorting functions can be performed in ascending or descending order.
  • Audio alert option for new incoming messages.
  • Full featured spell checker with suggestions, and custom dictionary for word exclusion.
  • Ability to include full HTML messages when replying.
  • Address book with unlimited entries, advanced search, seamless import and export from and to Outlook's address book.
  • Auto complete option for To, Cc or Bcc fields when sending.
  • Ability to add all From, To, and Cc addresses of incoming or outgoing messages to the address book with one click.
  • Multiple signatures, image based stationery library, notepad, and calculator.
  • Automatically converts links and email addresses in messages into clickable hyperlinks.
  • Automatic return receipt feature for messages requesting a return receipt.
  • Support for multiple MIME encoding types when sending or displaying messages.
  • Ability to add senders, recipients, or any other contact directly to the Spam Filter White List.
  • Mailbox users have direct access to their own Spam Rules and Spam folder.
  • Messages in any local mailbox can be instantly restored from backup.
  • PGP encryption / decryption utility.
  • The ability to back up and restore all settings and messages through FTP.
  • Support for most browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iPhone, Android, etc..
  • No advertising in incoming or outgoing messages.

With the latest 4Mail release, we hope to finally bridge the gap between webmail and the traditional PC based email client, providing a fast, reliable and efficient email system accessible from any PC or mobile device with a web browser and Internet connection.

Click here for a live demo.

OpenPGP Mail: Our OpenPGP Manager provides an automatic installation and configuration of OpenPGP Mail, a custom script which accepts input from any web based form, and sends the encrypted results via email to a designated address. This script is ideal for submitting online loan applications, order forms, shopping carts, and any other form involving sensitive data.
Mail Server Monitoring: One of the biggest complaints about the shared hosting environment is email. Since there are multiple users who share a single mail server, if one user decides to send 10,000 or more outgoing messages using any of the multitude of tools at their disposal. all users will experience mail delays of 3 hours or more. If 100,000 or more messages are sent, that delay can become as high as 12 hours. The conventional method of dealing with such a situation is to purge the mail server queue as soon as a mail delay complaint is received and verified. Although this does eliminate the delay for some time, it permanently deletes all outgoing and some incoming messages for all users, resulting in loss of some or all email processed during that time. To prevent the above from happening, we have developed a special function in our proprietary ProcessWatch™ server side management utility to constantly monitor the mail server message queue, and automatically detect, and purge large volumes of outgoing email from a single source (over 5,000 messages from one sender) which would have otherwise created a significant delay in delivery. If any such violation occurs, both the sender and our security staff is instantly notified to prevent future problems. This utility can also selectively purge any outgoing message(s) from the mail server without shutting it down or affecting normal mail delivery. The end result is a lightning fast, and reliable mail server, with virtually no chance of mail loss.
FTP Features
Unlimited FTP Access: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to transfer files and web pages to and from the web server. You can upload or download files to and from your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.
FTP Accounts We offer four types of FTP accounts, Standard, Anonymous, Root, and Local. There is no limit to how many FTP accounts can be created. Standard FTP accounts get space outside the root web, and can be accessed on the web at yourname.com/~account, while Local FTP accounts can access selected directories inside the root web. The Root FTP account shares access to the Root web with the main admin.
Secure FTP (SSL): Our servers fully support secure FTP connections via SSL. During a secure FTP connection, all data being transferred to and from the server is encrypted. This feature complies with HIPAA requirements for transaction privacy and security, as it provides a secure way of transferring files.
Auto Resume FTP: Our FTP servers are configured to automatically resume interrupted file uploads and downloads, so instead of transferring the entire file again after a session has been closed prematurely, only the unsent portion is transferred.
Anonymous FTP: Anonymous FTP provides a separate folder that is shared by all users of a domain and does not require a password for logging in. We offer two types of Anonymous FTP Accounts, Basic Anonymous and True Anonymous. The difference between the two is the user name that is used for accessing the Anonymous directory. Under Basic Anonymous, the user name us the letter "a" followed by the main account user name (i.e. auser). Under True Anonymous, the user name is simply "anonymous". True Anonymous FTP requires a Unique IP address.
Web Based FTP Client: All our accounts include JavaFTP, a proprietary Java browser based FTP Client with all the features of a conventional FTP program. This client is 100% free and web based, so there is no need to download or install any software.
Technical Features
MySQL Databases: MySQL is a fast, full featured SQL database built specifically for web applications. Our Database Admin utility enables the creation and management of unlimited MySQL databases. Each database can have a unique user name and password for maximum security and flexibility. Both local and remote database connections are supported through the following languages: PHP, ASP, and Perl. You also have complete control with features like creating, altering, renaming, and dropping tables, as well as selecting, inserting, and updating records. The data file upload feature allows uploading data directly into the database. Dumping (importing) tables and data from SQL text files is also supported.  Also included is a recovery feature which enables an entire database or individual tables to be restored from the previous day's backup with a click of a button.
FrontPage Extensions: We are a Registered Web Presence Provider for Microsoft® FrontPage®  version 2002. We support FrontPage® versions 2002, 2000, 98 and 97 on most platforms. Functions such as publish, form submission and validation, site search, counter, discussion web, and others are fully supported.
Private CGI-Bin: The CGI-Bin (Common Gateway Interface) directory is used for executing server side applications. Each website on our servers has its own cgi-bin directory.

Supported CGI Languages:  Perl, C++, Python, and Tcl/Tk.

Perl: Perl is one of the first full featured server side scripting languages which can connect to a database. Our servers come with mod_perl for faster execution, and most common Perl modules such as LWP, DBI, DBD::mysql, CGI.pm and many others are pre-installed. Our servers are configured to execute Perl scripts from any directory, not just cgi-bin. Perl scripts must end in .pl or .cgi to be recognized by the server.
PHP: PHP is an advanced server side scripting language that can be embedded directly into HTML. PHP is similar in syntax to JavaScript, and does not require optional components to perform advanced tasks, as does ASP. PHP scripts can be placed in any directory within a web, and can connect to any SQL database. We are currently running PHP 4.4.9 and 5.2.17 as a CGI binary. Click here for complete details on installed packages.
ASP: ASP (Active Server Pages) is a server side scripting language developed by Microsoft that can be embedded into HTML, and is similar in syntax to Visual Basic. ASP scripts can be placed in any directory within a web and can connect to a database. We are currently running Sun / Chilisoft ASP Version 3.6.2 with the following components: ASP Mail and ASP Upload. ASP scripts must end in .asp to be recognized by the server.
ColdFusion: ColdFusion (ColdFusion Markup Language or CFML) is one of the earlier server side scripting languages originally developed by Allaire, and later acquired by Macromedia. CFML can be embedded into HTML like PHP and ASP, however it has some limitations. We are currently running ColdFusion Express Version 4.5. ColdFusion files must end in .cfm to be recognized by the server.
Ruby On Rails: Ruby On Rails is a full-stack framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern. From the Ajax in the view, to the request and response in the controller, to the domain model wrapping the database, Rails gives you a pure-Ruby development environment. To go live, all you need to add is a database and a web server. We support Ruby On Rails version 1.2.3 / 1.8.5 with FastCGI.
SSI: SSI (Server Side Includes) enables the web server to execute commands placed into HTML documents. SSI works best for displaying date and time, merging documents, click counters, last modified date, and other simple server side functions. SSI is also used to include CGI scripts into HTML documents. SSI files must have a .shtml extension.
SSL: SSL encryption allows the use of digital certificates to securely transmit encrypted data over the Internet. Secure web pages inspire confidence from visitors, especially when transmitting confidential financial information such as credit card numbers. A self signed certificate is included at no cost. A trusted certificate and a Unique IP address must be purchased separately to avoid the "untrusted certificate" warning displayed by most web browsers. Alternatively, our Secured.com SSL provides a trusted digital certificate with IP for only $5/month.
OpenPGP: OpenPGP is used for encrypting email and other sensitive data during storage or transmission. We offer the only 100% browser based OpenPGP utility which performs all functions previously handled only through desktop applications. Using our control panel, users can generate their own keys, manage and export keys, as well as encrypt, decrypt, and sign text, files, and email messages. This feature is ideal for transmitting and storing credit card data, medical records, passwords, and other sensitive information.
NTP: NTP (Network Time Protocol) synchronizes the server's internal clock with a public time server for accuracy. This ensures that email time stamps, file last modified dates, and scripts always have the most correct time.
Scheduled Scripts: Using Linux's Crontab utility, this feature enables automatic execution of CGI scripts written in Perl, Python or C++ at regularly scheduled intervals (PHP and ASP scripts can also be executed by using a specially formatted Perl redirect script). For example, if you have a script that sends an email newsletter each month, instead of manually running the program, it could be scheduled  to run at midnight, on the first day of each month. This option also includes a web based Crontab Manager for real time updates.
Helix DNA: Helix DNA streaming media server enables true audio and video streaming for the following file formats:

   RealAudio/RealVideo (.rm, .ra, .rv)
   MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 (.mp3)
Darwin Streaming Server: The Darwin Streaming Server enables true audio and video streaming for the following file formats:

   QuickTime Movie (.mov)
   MPEG-4 (.mp4)
   3GPP (.3gp)
Custom OS: Our custom Linux operating system built on the Debian platform, was assembled one component at a time by our experienced Unix admins, with a sole purpose of running web applications as securely and efficiently as possible. For higher security, no unneeded components or ports are used, and each service is monitored and micromanaged from within the server in real time to detect any type of misuse. Permissions are carefully set for all system files top prevent unauthorized use. Resources are also constantly monitored to maintain acceptable load levels. OS level updates are done on each server using Debian's "apt-get" feature which automatically retrieves the updated packages from their designated online repositories, and installs them in real time. This enables us to install OS security patches system wide as they become available.
Storage Directory: Each account includes a storage directory outside the public web folder for private storage. Files in the Storage directory cannot be accessed from a web browser, and are uploaded with FTP or our web based file manager.
Accelerated Page Loads: Our web servers are configured to automatically compress most files prior to sending them to the browser. This accelerates page loads by up to 80% and considerably reduces bandwidth usage. For example an 80KB file would load as fast as a 16KB file, and use that much less bandwidth.
Enhanced Web Security: To protect against formmail spam attacks, forum hacking, guestbook spamming, site defacements, and other malicious exploits, our web servers run a custom configured security module to detect and stop such attacks. Once a new exploit is discovered, our security team updates the security configurations of all servers within minutes with new rules to prevent similar attacks.
Custom Operating System: Our custom Linux operating system, built on the Debian platform, was assembled one component at a time by our experienced Unix/C developers with a sole purpose of running web applications as securely and efficiently as possible. For higher security, no unneeded components or ports are used, and each service is monitored and micromanaged from within the server in real time to detect any type of misuse. Permissions are carefully set for all system files to prevent unauthorized use. Resources are also constantly monitored to maintain acceptable load levels. OS level updates are done on each server using Debian's "apt-get" feature which automatically retrieves the updated packages from their designated online repositories, and installs them in real time. This enables us to install OS security patches system wide as they become available.
Management Features
Control Panel: Our online control panel gives you complete, real time control of the administration of your website. You can add, edit, and delete mailboxes, email aliases, and mail groups, set up mail forwarding, create secure directories, change your password, manage auto responders, view statistics, send and receive web based email, administer your database, and update your contact information.

For a live demo, please go to http://www.controlpanel.com and click on "Live Demo".

Auto Installer: Our exclusive, easy to use Auto Installer utility was designed to automatically install popular open source web applications into your website at the click of a button, without having to manually download and upload distribution packages, change configuration files, create and upload databases, rename files, or change file and directory permissions. We have done the legwork of making sure each application will work as expected when installed on our server, so that all you will have to do is use it. Each installer module also includes an "Uninstall" feature, and documentation for the application being installed. Over 50 scripts are currently available with more being added regularly.

For a live demo, please visit AutoInstaller.com, and click on any of the program icons.

Website Builder: Our SimpleHTML™ web based website creation tool lets you design and build your website in minutes without any previous web design experience or purchasing any software. Features include background colors and images, text font, color and style management, image uploading and alignment, page preview, meta tags, and more. We also have over 1000 professionally designed templates and logos available.

For a live demo, please go to simplehtml.com and click on "Live Demo".

File Manager: Our SimpleHTML™ web based file management tool lets you easily manage your web files from your browser without having any special software. Features include a powerful HTML editor with advanced table creation tools, creating, deleting, and renaming files or directories, uploading, editing, moving and copying files or directories, and cgi script configuration (chmod). The advanced Perl syntax checker debugging tool finds and displays errors with exact line numbers for any Perl script.

For a live demo, please go to simplehtml.com and click on "Live Demo".

Instant Backup Recovery: Individual files or directories with all of their contents (including your entire website) can be restored from our backup archive in real time using our SimpleHTML™ file manager. There is no limit to the number of times data is restored from backup.
Instant Upload/Preview: To avoid downtime, you can use FTP or our web based File Manager to upload your website immediately without waiting for your domain name to be pointed to our servers. You can also view your website using our alternative URL system prior to your domain name transfer in order to make sure it is set up properly. FTP host and alternate URL info is emailed at the time each account is activated.
Image Manager: The Image Manager provides basic image manipulation functions such as Resize, Crop, Text Labeling, Line Drawing, New Image Creation, as well as Image Optimization for faster downloads. Supported image formats are JPEG, GIF, and PNG.
Protected Directories: Access to any directory under your domain can be password protected using our online control panel. Pages in password protected directories can only be accessed online by authorized users. You can set up as many user names and passwords as you need. You can also use a .htaccess file to manually protect any directory.
Custom Error Pages: You can create your own custom error page that will be displayed when visitors try to access non-existent web pages within your domain. Custom error pages are activated by designating special error handling files through our control panel for common web server error messages, such as errors 400, 403, 404, 500, 501 and 507.
Archive Manager: This tool enables making compressed (.tar.gz) files to instantly backup an entire website or selected directories. Archive files can then be stored and or downloaded at any time through our File Manager, FTP or FrontPage.
Index Manager: This feature allows Directory Browsing to be enabled or disabled for each directory. If enabled, Directory Browsing displays the contents of directories not having an index page.
Traffic Blocking: There are 4 components to our Traffic Blocking utility, Blocking By IP, Blocking By Referring Domain, Blocking by User Agent (browser type), and Blocking By Country. The IP Blocking feature blocks specified IP's from accessing your website. IP Blocking is used to block unwanted or malicious traffic such as email (spam) harvesters or denial of service (DoS) attacks. Domain Blocking denies entry to visitors who clicked on a link from a specified web page (referring URL) to get to your website. Blocking by User Agent blocks access from any browser type. Finally, Country Blocking blocks traffic from selected countries.
Hotlink Protection: This feature prevents external websites from linking directly to your image or media files. Hotlink Protection can be enabled for directories containing image or media files to conserve bandwidth and protect copyrighted material. Functions include the ability to select file types to protect, and allowing certain domains to Hotlink despite the protection being enabled.
Network Tools: This utility performs network and DNS troubleshooting. Functions include Ping, Traceroute, Dig, Nslookup, Host, Whois, and the IP Whois which locates the ownership of any IP address from around the world.
MIME Types: We support most MIME types by default. Additional MIME types can be set up instantly with our online Mime Manager.
PHP Manager: Our proprietary, browser based PHP Manager controls over 40 global PHP configurations for each domain. Configuration settings include safe_mode, asp_tags, register_globals, session.auto_start, track_errors, magic_quotes_gpc, and many others. It also enables PHP to be set to parse regular HTML pages ending in .htm and .html as PHP scripts. This is useful when trying to get search engines to index dynamically created pages.
.htaccess files: In addition to using our control panel for common web server configurations, we also support manual configurations such as custom error pages, password protected directories, and MIME Types through Apache .htaccess files. .htaccess files can be edited in real time through our web based file manager.
Promotion Tools
HTML Analyzer: This tool analyzes HTML pages to help optimize search engine positioning, and provide a better visitor experience. Key elements of analysis are Load Time, Spelling, Keywords, Meta Tags, and Links.
Search Engine Submission: If you host with us, you can submit your website to the major search engines as often as you like free of charge. Our Meta Tag Builder and Auto Submit Tool will custom build your Meta Tags and submit your site to the major search engines in real time. This is usually enough to generate moderate traffic. We recommend you have your site submitted this way at least twice a year to maintain good ranking.
Content Tools
RSS Manager: This utility enables finding, displaying, and managing RSS feeds. After a feed is found, it can be configured to be displayed on any webpage by pasting one line of JavaScript code. This allows news feeds and other syndicated content to be added in minutes without any programming.
CMS: We have several types of Content Management Systems (CMS), which provide simple but powerful tools to easily create and update the content of your website without knowing HTML or having any web design skills.
WordPress: WordPress is a fully automatic blogging engine which enables blogs to be set up in minutes and updated without having any web design skills. The blogs are hosted directly on your main URL which increase search engine visibility.
Reporting Tools
Advanced Statistics: All traffic related data is compiled and presented it in an easy to read graphic format available in English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch. Data compiled includes the number of visitors, referring sites and search engines, keywords used to find your site, originating IP of each visitor, number of visits to each page, historic trends, duration of visit, and more. All statistics data is archived, and is instantly accessible by hour, day, week, month or year.

Our proprietary Latest Visitors feature provides a real time "visitors online" counter with a detailed list of the last 50 visitors' IP numbers, referring URLs, pages accessed and browser types, along with a total unique visitor count for that day, number of visitors in the last hour, hourly trend, and the expected number of visitors before 12am. All page accesses and subsequent returns (or reloads) to any webpage for any single IP address in a 24 hour period is counted as one unique visitor. So the number of daily unique visitors is a true representation of the actual number of visitors, and is considered the industry standard for measuring traffic.

Each account includes a special statistics login screen with an optional alternative password to access the statistics page. This enables third parties like advertisers or SEO professionals to view your statistics without gaining access to the rest of your control panel functions.

Server Status Report: Each account has the ability to view a real time Server Status Report which displays uptime information, load averages, and the status of all services running on the server.
Access To Raw Logs: Raw log files for each account can be viewed or downloaded at anytime via our web based Log Manager or FTP. Analyzing raw log data may be useful for identifying traffic patterns, debugging errors or monitoring FTP users. Logs available in raw format are the Access Log, Error Log, and FTP Log.
Log Archiving: Access Log files can be set to be automatically archived. When this feature is enabled, each day's log file is stored in the /logs/archive directory, and can be downloaded for analysis at any time. All daily archived log files can be merged into a single file if needed for use with a third party statistics program.
Exclusive Free Applications (available only through our Auto Installer)
Anonymous Upload: Like in Anonymous FTP, this enables anyone to upload files into your "anonymous" web directory. The difference between this feature and Anonymous FTP is that users do not need an FTP client program to upload files, instead they would simply use a web browser. This is convenient for any novice user to upload photos or files as an alternative to email attachments. The file size limit for this utility is 2MB.
phpCart Shopping Cart:

Our phpCart™ secure shopping cart includes all the tools you will need to establish and operate a full featured online store. phpCart is considered one of the fastest and easiest to implement shopping cart systems because it uses cookies to store all transaction information, eliminating the need for a database. phpCart supports all major credit card payment gateways, plus payments by checks, money orders, and PayPal.

Click here for more info and a live demo.

This application can be automatically installed and configured with our Auto Installer.

* Secured.com SSL is required if you accept credit cards.

LiteChat Server:
(Single Room)
Our LiteChat™ is a complete chat server package which incorporates the features of sophisticated Java Chat applications without the need to download slow loading applets or software.

What makes LiteChat one of the fastest loading chat servers available is the way chat sessions are stored and managed. To reduce resource consumption and increase speed, LiteChat uses no external database. Using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and text files, LiteChat offers many sought after features which until now have only been available with IRC and Java chats. Unlike IRC chats, LiteChat runs on a totally private network, so only authorized users have access to chat sessions.


  1. Private network - only authorized users have access.
  2. Persistent connections - no meta refresh tags.
  3. Choice of user colors and image.
  4. Ability to send private messages.
  5. Ability to send images and hyperlinks.
  6. Unlimited number of operators.
  7. Three levels of operators.
  8. Operators can view private messages.
  9. Audio operator alerts when users enter/leave.
  10. Ability to remove "kick" users from the chat.
  11. Ability to permanently ban users.
  12. Customizable HTML page for banners.
  13. Real time user updates.
  14. Scrolling on/off switch.
  15. Ability to change names.
  16. Log-in data storage.
  17. Works in both IE and Netscape.
  18. User validation.
  19. No plug-ins or applets to download.
  20. Automatic session cleanup.

Click here for more info and a live demo.

Lite Chat Server Deluxe:
(Multi Room)
The Multi Room version of our LiteChat™ server has all the features of the Single Room version plus the following features:
  1. Access to up to five exclusive chat channels.
  2. Our exclusive Lecture Room™ feature.
  3. Unlimited private rooms.
  4. Rooms can be changed at any time.
  5. Operator can enter private rooms.
  6. Real time room and user updates.

Click here for more info and a live demo.

Site Search Engine: Having a search engine will enable visitors to search your entire website for any word or combination of words. Search results are sorted, numbered, and displayed based on the number of times a search term appears in a given file. You can specify which directories to search, and selectively exclude any page. A special label can be displayed in the results page instead of the actual page title. Search results can be displayed on any external html page or custom template. This PHP script is based on a proprietary algorithm which combines extensive search capabilities with maximum performance.

This application can be automatically installed and configured with our Auto Installer.

Click here for a live demo.

Secure File Download:

This application allows you to offer file downloads in any format (i.e. .pdf, .htm, .txt. .doc, .zip, .gif, .jpg, etc.) from any directory of your website. For PDF files, files are offered for download instead of in the Acrobat Reader. Advanced security features include password protection and hidden file paths. Files can have any "save as" name you specify, and it does not need to match the name of the source file on the server. Compatible with most web browsers including IE, Netscape, and AOL. Files can be downloaded with or without authentication.

This application can be automatically installed and configured with our Auto Installer.

Click here for a live demo.

User name: live
Password: demo

Password Guard: Password Guard is a program that is designed to protect premium directories and individual pages of membership sites from unauthorized links in password sharing sites. The program communicates with the web server to determine if a visitor supplying a valid user name and password is coming from one of over 70 password sharing sites in our database. If that is the case, the intruder is immediately redirected to an error page, and the site's webmaster is sent an email containing the user name and password used during the entry attempt, plus the referring password site's URL. One email is sent per each unique user name used during an entry (for example, if there were 10,000 surfers trying to access your members area from different password sites using the same user name and password, you will only get one email notification, not 10,000). The banned URL database can be updated by the webmaster online as often as needed. Password Guard can protect an entire directory, or a single file, plus conceal the true name and path of content pages.

This application can be automatically installed and configured with our Auto Installer.

Recommend Script: Enables visitors to send a message recommending your website to any designated recipient along with a link. No email software is required.

Click here for a live demo.

This application can be automatically installed and configured with our Auto Installer.

Auto Reply Form: Forwards form results to any designated email address and sends an auto reply to the sender. Auto reply message text can be specified in the form as a hidden form field. For added security, form results can be posted to a secure, password protected text file. An advanced anti-spam feature prevents spammers from sending messages through this script from a remote computer or website.

Click here for a live demo.

This application can be automatically installed and configured with our Auto Installer.

qMailer Mailing List Manager: qMailer™ is a web based mailing list manager that maintains one or more mailing list databases, and sends messages to an entire mailing list, select group or individual members with just one click. It also enables recipients to subscribe or unsubscribe from your mailing list, and can send full featured HTML documents. Other useful functions include discussion group feature, multiple sender, identity, subject, message, and salutation templates, message/newsletter archiving, and a mailing list import and export feature. qMailer™ was designed for subscriber based email distribution, broadcast mail, newsletters, standard response messaging, and convenience.

This application can be automatically installed and configured with our Auto Installer.

Click here for a live demo.

* Requires database access.

Real Audio / Video: We support Real audio and video streaming formats through HTTP streaming with a conventional web server. You can place your audio/video files in any directory under your domain, and access them via http, rtsp, or pnm protocols. Real media files use the following extensions: .ram, .ra, .rm.
Windows Media: We support Windows Media audio and video streaming formats through HTTP streaming with a conventional web server. You can place your audio/video files in any directory under your domain, and access them via http protocol. Windows Media files use the following extensions: .asx, .asf.
Quicktime Video: We support Quicktime video streaming formats through HTTP streaming with a conventional web server. You can place your video files in any directory under your domain, and access them via http protocol. Quicktime video files use the following extension: .mov.
Flash Support: We support all Macromedia Flash file formats and mime types.
IPIX Support: We support all IPIX mime types. IPIX technology provides on demand interactive virtual tours. 
Multiple Client Support: We support popular web development programs such as Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, Adobe PageMill, and NetObjects Fusion.
Optional Features
Existing customers, please click here to add any of the features below to your account.
Secured.com SSL: This feature enables you to place pages requiring secure data transfer into your own SSL secured folder (128 Bit Encryption) with a trusted URL in the following format: https://secured.com/~yourfolder/. This URL is used by thousands of online merchants throughout the world, so it in itself carries a symbol of trust. When users access any document in a Secured.com directory, all data submitted is encrypted during transmission, and they are notified that the page being viewed is secure and cannot be seen by others. SSL secured pages can be managed with our web based ssl file manager or FTP. Each directory also includes 10MB of disk space and supports PHP4, ASP, Perl, and SSI. Scripts are configured to run from within any ssl folder. Advanced PHP features such as cURL, GD, PDFlib, mhash, and zlib are supported as well. A 100% web based OpenPGP encryption and decryption module with a unique key for each folder is included for secure email. For more details, please visit Secured.com.

Cost:  $5.00 per month (includes digital certificate)
Setup Fee:  None

Unique IP Address: An IP address is a numeric equivalent of a domain name which is used to access websites (our IP address is Although domain names are easier to remember than IP addresses, having a unique IP address is useful when you have multiple domain names to be forwarded to one website. Most domain registries do not charge to forward domain names to an IP address, but they do charge for forwarding to another domain name.

Please note that IP space is getting very scarce, and ARIN (the governing body for IP delegation) does not allow IP based hosting unless a site is using an SSL certificate, multiple domain pointing, or server mirroring/load balancing. ARIN periodically audits our IP space to determine if it is being utilized properly, and in some cases websites being hosted on unique IP addresses for any other purpose than above may be required to relinquish their IP space. Therefore, we highly recommend that unique IP addresses are used only for acceptable purposes as described above.

Cost:  $5.00 per month
Setup Fee:  None

BackupMail™: With BackupMail™, our proprietary email backup solution, you will not lose incoming messages even if your mail server is down. This utility enables your incoming email to be automatically stored on a remote backup (BackupMail™) server in the event your primary mail server is unreachable. The BackupMail™ server will then poll your primary server every 15 minutes indefinitely, until it is available, at which time all messages stored during the downtime are delivered. For maximum redundancy, the BackupMail™ server is located in our Charlotte, NC backup data center, and is hosted on a separate network than your primary mail server.

Cost:  $5.00 per month
Setup Fee:  None

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